Oliver Walston calls for mass meeting of sugar beet growers

Cambridgeshire farmer Oliver Walston is urging sugar beet farmers to come together so they can discuss the future of the crop and, in particular, British Sugar’s latest price offer.

Mr Walston is suggesting that growers should gather somewhere like Peterborough to discuss a minimum price below which growers cannot afford to grow beet.

They will then be able to send a clear message to British Sugar that unless this price is achievable they will walk away from the crop.

“If enough sugar beet acres attend this meeting – and if they are prepared to stick with their decision – then British Sugar will have to take us seriously,” he said.

“However, if only a handful of trouble-making, awkward and unreliable farmers turn up, then British Sugar will once again laugh all the way to the bank.”

Read more from Oliver Walston on the forums and add your own thoughts about such a meeting. The forum post also contains Oliver’s email address to enable you to contact him if you are interested in attending the meeting.

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