On top of winter wheat in Yorkshire

Whilst Caley Sackur was combining Malacca winter wheat at Lodge Farm, Tibthorpe, Driffiled he told us that he was hoping for yields around 10t/ha (4t/acre).

“I picked my time to combine with the sun and the wind. We’re travelling beautifully!”

Of the 160ha (400 acre) Malacca 16ha (40 acres) were cut today and yesterday. Mr Sackur noticed that lodging was prevalent though in varying degrees within the crop.

Cordiale winter wheat began yesterday and Mr Sackur estimated yield of 8.75 t/ha (3.5 t/acre) for his 52ha (130 acres).

“Lack of sun in June has taken the edge off the yield,” he said.

Mr Sackur had cut Excalibur oilseed rape between 7.5-16% moisture with yields down from average at 4-4.25 t/ha (1.6-1.7 t/acre).

Pearl Barley was also completed with nitrogen between 1.55-1.65%. It yielded below average with 7.75t/ha (3.1 t/acre) at 16% moisture.

Mr Sackur said he was pleased with progress considering the recent weather variation and despite being down on average yields said: “Higher prices look promising”

• Crop: Oilseed rape
o Variety: Excalibur
o Moisture: 7.5-16%
o Yields: 4-4.25 t/ha (1.6-1.7 t/acre).

• Crop: Winter barley
o Variety: Pearl
o Nitrogen: 1.55-1.65%.
o Yield:7.75t/ha (3.1 t/acre)
o Moisture: 16%.

• Crop: Winter Wheat
o Variety: Cordiale
o Area: 52ha (130 acres).
o Yield: estimated 8.75 t/ha (3.5 t/acre

o Variety: Malacca
o Area: 16ha (40 acres) cut of 160ha (400 acre)
o Yield: estimated 10t/ha (4t/acre).


*Harvest Highlights 2007 is sponsored by RAGT

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