Organic food’s feel good factor

SHOPPERS BUY organic food because it makes them feel good and are less driven by environmental concerns, according to research.

Sainsbury‘s has published the results of a survey which shows consumers‘ core reasons for buying organic food are personal.

Over three quarters of respondents claimed that eating organic food made them feel good in themselves and evoked a sense of optimism.

The research ties in with evidence from the supermarket that the profile of organic customers is rapidly changing.

Traditionally, Sainsbury‘s organic customers were food lovers, the health-conscious and families with young children, with a strong slant towards the over-45‘s. 

But recent figures reveal that women aged 17-24 have almost doubled the amount of organic food they eat.

Men of all ages have also significantly increased their consumption.

Sainsbury‘s said this shift in the market was due to the increased interest amongst consumers about their personal health and well-being.

It said programmes such as ‘You Are What You Eat‘ have encouraged consumers to think more carefully about the link between food and general health.

Tony Sullivan, Head of Organics at Sainsbury‘s, said: “It is clear that more and more individuals of all ages are trying organic food.

“Consumers are showing an increased concern over personal health and well-being.”

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