Oxon Siberia in before the rain

“It‘s some early barley off some light land just to get our new New Holland CX8080 set up,” said Mr Allen on Wednesday (July 7).

Nine hectares (23 acres) on Winterbrook Farm near Blewbury were cut on Tuesday, with a  further 6ha (15 acres) completed just as the rain came in.

With yield running at between 7.8-8.3t/ha (62-66 cwt/acre) the Siberia was coming off the chalky soil “better than last year”, said Mr Allen.

Moisture started at 20.5% on Tuesday, settling down to 15.75%, but 17% “all the way through” on Wednesday.

In all he has 80ha (200 acres) of barley, including Carat and an “odd bit” of Pict, and 400ha (1000 acres) of group 3 wheats.

He said he was not too concerned about the change in weather, “but I should think this wind is knocking hell out of our beans.”

This amounts to 77ha (190 acres) of Striker.

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