Packaging waste reduced

A new, more concentrated formulation of phenmedipham produces half the amount of waste packaging compared to less concentrated formulations, according to SIPCAM (UK).

The triple strength formulation, launched to sugar beet growers this season as Crotale, has the same weed efficacy and crop safety as less concentrated formulations, says the firm’s Paul Hunter.

“But the use of this product will reduce the amount of packaging waste by over 50% and improve sprayer filling efficiency.”

Rates vary according to circumstances, but will typically be around 0.5 litres/ha, he says.

The company recommends including methylated vegetable oil in most situations to provide additional contact activity.

Gram for gram, the product is slightly cheaper than less concentrated phenmedipham formulations at around £5.50/ha when used at the 0.5 litre/ha rate, Mr Hunter says.

“Crotale is the first in a number of other product developments that we intend to market in the near future,” he adds.