Planning fertilizer requirements for the coming season

Sponsored editorial from Yara

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As we move into June then the annual discussions on nitrogen fertilizer requirements will begin with much focus on pricing issues.

Remember that pricing is actually the last part of the discussion as there are far more important considerations to be concentrating on. Such areas are the product performance by way of spread pattern, nutrient supply – i.e. what nutrients and how much do I need – N, NS, NPK, NPKS, and what systems are available to deliver all these needs.

If you are considering a change of sprayer or spreader then a discussion and comparison with regard to which system i.e. liquid or solid is most appropriate would be worthwhile.

These are the issues that will really make a difference to the farms output and profitability. Getting anyone of these wrong can have an impact on yield and with fixed costs being fixed by definition the cost/tonne of production immediately rises.

All of the issues and more will be featuring on our stand at Cereals 2007. Yara representatives are available to discuss all aspects such as those mentioned above and run through the Yara portfolio.

The event is at Wendy, Cambridgeshire on 13-14 June, please come along to our stand, number 610, where you can address all your fertilizer issues.