Pleased with yields near Hanchurch

Stephen Sant finished harvest at Model Farm, Hanchurch, Staffordshire, on Saturday evening (6 September), and was reasonably pleased with above average yields.

“Our Diego first wheat did about 9.3t/ha, and yielded between 8t and 8.6t/ha on varying soils as a second wheat,” he said.

“But the Grafton first wheat only managed 8.6t/ha because harvest was delayed by two weeks following the rain in August, which meant bushel weights fell to about 74kg/hl. Yields would have been better without that.”

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Cassia and Glacier winter barley averaged about 6.7t/ha, while Excalibur and Extrovert oilseed rape managed 3.7t/ha and 4.7t/ha, respectively.

“The Mulika spring wheat yielded 6.8t/ha with a bushel weight of about 75kg/hl, although I haven’t had it tested for milling quality yet,” said Mr Sant.

Having just finished drilling oilseed rape, he was now well on top of field work as well as putting the combine to bed.

“We’ll have a bit of a break now before we drill the wheat.”

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