Potato quality holding up well

DESPITE CONCERNS earlier in the season, the quality of stored potatoes is holding up reasonably well, according to the British Potato Council.

But recent mild and wet weather means growers with ambient stores must maintain extra vigilance following more reports of premature sprouting, said the BPC‘s Rob Burrow.

“Considering the wet weather in August, quality is better than many expected earlier in the season – most cold stored crops are keeping quite well,” he said.

Sprouting in ambient stores is causing some skin finish and crop breakdown problems, resulting in early movement out of store, he said.

Potato rot caused by blight and the wet summer is also posing some problems, but the incidence is not significantly different to previous years and is unlikely to have any impact on the overall supply situation, Mr Burrow said.

Thoughts are now turning to the coming season as planting is underway in parts of Cornwall, with around 40ha in the ground so far, according to the BPC.

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