Potato yields and prices down in Cornwall

Early potato yields were about 2.5t/ha (1t/acre) down on average at Trevear Farm, Sennen, Cornwall. “It’s been a challenging season because of the wet conditions,” said Richard Thomas.

His Premiere, Maris PeerCharlotte  and Vivaldi had averaged about 19.8-25t/ha (8-10t/acre) and quality and movement had been reasonable. “We started as early as ever this year, in the third week of April, but the market wasn’t ready for such an early crop and prices were as disappointing as they’ve been for a number of years,” he said.

Mr Thomas finished the bulk of his potato harvest one month ago, and just had 8ha (20 acres) of Rooster to lift. “I expect it to yield 37-49t/ha (15-20t/acre) and it should take a week or two to finish, depending on the movement.”

Crop: Early potatoes
Varieties: Premier, Maris Peer, Charlotte and Vivaldi
Yield: 19.8-25t/ha (8-10t/acre)


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