Potential for Cambs crops

Cambridgeshire farmer John Goodchild was concerned for some winter wheats on lighter land having been “toasted off” in recent 30 degree heat. Wheat on heavier land, he said, were “hanging on” better.

“The crops are speed ripening in this heat”, he said.

Mr Goodchild expected Soissons to be ready next week, but all varieties had been affected similar amounts by the heat. “It is a land and water based problem rather than with the variety.”

Having sprayed oilseed rape at the start of July, he expected it to be fit by early next week. The rape looked fine, and he hoped they had not been affected by the drought as much as the wheats had.

With much of the winter barley cut on neighbouring farms, Mr Goodchild said that things were looking a whole lot better than last year in the area.

He added: “It didn’t rain through the whole growing season last year so there’s a much greater potential for the crops in the area this year.”

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