Project aims to streamline grain sampling

THE HOME Grown Cereals Authority is funding a new project that could improve the efficiency of grain testing at the mill or maltings.

The project will assess and compare automatic front-loader samplers at outloading from the farm and look at the potential of using them to replace samples collected by end users, said independent grain consultant, Robin Wilkin who will carry out the research.

“Initially, sampling this way would be used to get a good sample for the farmer but we hope that over time commercial end-users would accept the sample. It could save time and money for the producer and end-user.”

Previous HGCA-funded research has already found that such automatic samplers fitted to the bucket of a front-loader will provide a representative sample of wheat or barley.

Mr Wilkin urges any manufacturers who have not already been approached about this project to contact him at to ensure their machine is included in the testing.

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