Rain encourages nitrogen uptake

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With the recent rain many crops; both wheat and oilseed rape, will experience a large quantity of nitrogen, as that applied some weeks ago has not been available through lack of moisture.

In conjunction with this, moisture will encourage further mineralization. This is posing the question as to how much more nitrogen do crops need. The answer to this is unfortunately not that straight forward.

If crops have had sufficient moisture around the roots and continued to develop well with no apparent moisture stress, then this would suggest that they have continued to utilise soil and fertilizer nitrogen at the typical 2.5 to 3kgN/ha/day.

In such fields then continue with your original plan, however, where growth has been clearly impeded, then applied and soil nitrogen is unlikely to have been utilised at the same rate, thus leaving more residual nitrogen that will now become available.

Such crops are unlikely to need as much nitrogen and adjustments should be considered with crops requiring close monitoring to pick up early signs of deficiency. If late deficiencies do appear then clearly there are a number of products to react with including Nufol, Crop Lift and Safe N. All can be used to foliar feed the canopy maintaining green leaf duration for as long as possible.