Rain hits Scottish progress

Alec Webster at Lower Reiss Farm said it had just kept raining in Caithness, Scotland, so harvest had hardly got underway.

Four hectares (10ac) remained from 28ha (70ac) of Georgina winter barley, and he was currently drying what had been cut.

“It seems quite good. It has weighed quite well and quality seems reasonable. Last year was not easy and it’s a pretty similar year.”

Rain showers had been holding back combining but he was not yet concerned for the crops. “It spoils the colour – they’re starting to look more washed than golden, but at the moment the quality has not been affected.”

Mr Webster planned to start combining on contract farms followed by the spring barley once the rain had stopped.

He added: “Things are going quite well in the area, but it would have been a lot better if the weather had been kinder. We had a good spell but the weather broke down just as we got going.”

• Crop: Winter barley
• Variety: Georgina
• Area: 24ha cut of 28ha (70ac)
• Yield: N/A

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