Rain thwarts harvest near York

Heavy rain has thwarted any attempts at field work at Raskelf Farm, York, where Ian Elsworth is becoming concerned about the quality of crops yet to harvest.

“We’ve had 50mm of rain since Friday night (8 August), which isn’t as bad as some, but it’s bad enough,” he said.

“It’s too wet to do any field operations, and we haven’t got two dry days forecast until the weekend.”

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So far, harvest had gone well, although with the combine’s yield meter playing up, Mr Elsworth wasn’t sure on yields.

“The oilseed rape was above average, and in this area winter barley has done well,” he said.

“We had Cassia and Glacier; which yielded a bit more than the Cassia but went flat and had a poor bushel weight, so we won’t grow it again.”

Mr Elsworth was pleased to have finished cutting Concerto spring barley on Thursday before the rain arrived, and was hopeful that yields and quality were good, too.

“We’ve also cut 24ha of biscuit wheat, which looks good but it would look better if the other 162ha were in the barn as well,” he added.

“It was fairly ripe so this rain isn’t going to do it any good – I’m really concerned about the bushel weight as it can drop off in a matter of days.”

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