Record yields near Fife

Andrew Peddie finished combining yesterday (3 September) at Cornceres Farm, Anstruther, Fife, and has seen record yields across the board.

The 40ha of Volume and Glacier winter barley yielded over 9.8t/ha according to the combine scales, although official results were still to be confirmed.

Compass and Cracker oilseed rape were also extremely pleasing.

“Cracker reached around 4t/ha and Compass slightly more. We put in Cracker as we have some clubroot issues, but Compass was the star on yields,” he said.

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Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter oilseed rape
  • Varieties: Cracker and Compass
  • Area: 40ha
  • Yield: 4t/ha

Odyssey and Catriona spring barley came in between 6.2 and 7.4t/ha.

“Odyssey had the slightly higher yield, but Catriona made the grade for malting at 1.9% nitrogen which was fantastic,” added Mr Peddie.

“Odyssey was grown for seed and is still in the barn, although at 1.5% nitrogen it could go for malting if demand is there.”

Winter wheat yielded over 10t/ha, with 65ha split between Horatio, Myriad and Leeds.

“Horatio and Myriad stood out above Leeds, and it was coming off below 19% moisture,” he said.

“Usually we wouldn’t be cutting wheat below 20% moisture, so it’s been a very dry and enjoyable harvest.”

Mr Peddie was now in full swing getting everything ready for next year’s harvest.

“The oilseed rape is in the ground and with the forecast looking good, we’re hoping to put the winter barley in next week.”


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