Restriction lifted on spud seed treatment

THE RESTRICTION limiting applications of Rhino (flutolanil) to potato seed within 90 days of planting, has been lifted, it has been announced.

Allowing application in advance of 90 days will give growers more flexibility when timing seed treatments, improved rhizoctonia control and allow Rhino to be applied at the same time as other treatments, said Scottish Agronomy’s Eric Anderson.

“Early treatments prevent [rhizoctonia] spreading into the eyes that can eventually lead to stolon pruning and stem canker. There is also no danger of damaging chitted seed – a risk that increases the closer treatment is to planting.”

Extending the treatment window also helps relieve workloads around planting and can allow growers to fit seed treatments around other operations such as grading, he said.

Earlier treatment does not reduce Rhino’s efficacy compared to treating closer to planting, noted Peter Shakespeare of Certis, which markets the product.