Robigus to increase market share?

ROBIGUS IS predicted to be the most widely grown winter wheat variety in the UK this season, according to one major plant breeder.

Based on seed sales and grower reports, CPB Twyford predict Robigus will have a 17% share of the market this year.

“The exact figures will be confirmed over the next few months, when the seed certification figures become clear,” said the firm‘s Andrew Newby.

“It has been a difficult year to predict with the problems caused by the weather.”

Taking into account the main wheat varieties Robigus, Malacca, Cordiale and Access, CPB Twyford expect to have a 30-35% share of the UK winter wheat market this year.

The company has also just appointed its new Managing Director, Salvador Potter, who joins the business on November 1 from Becker Underwood.

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