Save Our Sprays campaign wins industry backing

Farmers Weekly‘s Save Our Sprays campaign is in full swing and has received the industry’s full backing, as demonstarted by the following endorsements:

“The Crop Protection Association fully supports Farmers Weekly’s SOS campaign to make Europe’s policymakers see sense on pesticide approvals. The entire food chain must unite to oppose these measures, demand an EU-wide assessment of their impact, and stop this process in its tracks.”
Dominic Dyer, Crop Protection Association

“The British Crop Production Council believes the Farmers Weekly initiative is excellent, because it highlights the threat that the EU proposals impose on food quality across Europe. The EU Commission has made no impact assessment, thus MEPs have no facts to guide their decisions.”
Hugh Oliver-Bellasis, BCPC chairman

“The Association of Independent Crop Consultants is committed to the Farmers Weekly campaign to preserve food production and quality and to fight EU proposals that would reduce approved pesticides by up to 85%.”
Andrew Watson, Chairman AICC

“The current parliamentary proposals, if not modified, will have huge effects. We fully support this campaign to get them modified into a more acceptable form.”
Paul Chambers, NFU plant health adviser

“The Arable Group is an independent organisation and is concerned that the EU is contemplating changing to a pesticide registration system based on undefined hazard-based criteria without a transparent impact assessment on human and environmental health and food production.”
Jim Orson, The Arable Group

“The European Crop Protection Association applauds the Save our Sprays campaign. All interested parties should join efforts to watch over the future of our European agriculture. We need legislative decisions that reflect reality and are based on sound science and realistic conditions of use.”
Friedhelm Schmider, Director general of ECPA

“BASIS believes that the SOS campaign is essential to make people aware of the consequences of this EU regulation. The EU has failed to take a balanced view, failed to assess the impacts to the agricultural industry and failed to take account of the effect on food prices, availability and the consumer. No account has been taken of the fact that BASIS training and the BASIS Professional Register ensures that individuals are trained to a very high standard, making sure that all advice on pesticide use is mindful of environmental, biodiversity and human health concerns making food production in the UK safe for the operator, bystander and the consumer.”
Rob Simpson, managing director of BASIS

“The Agricultural Industries Confederation is fully behind the Farmers Weekly campaign. AIC feels it is vital that MEPs ask for clarification and consider the implications of the legislation ahead of the second parliamentary vote. To this end AIC will be briefing MEPs and working with other industry stakeholders.
Hazel Doonan, AIC

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