School meals to get GM-testing

SCHOOL DINNERS in West Berkshre are being checked by food experts to ensure that pupils are not fed food contaminated by GM crops, the BBC reports.

West Berkshire Councillor Mollie Lock said: “Parents are becoming increasingly concerned regarding genetically modified foods, food additives and their children eating unhealthy food when they are away from home.”

West Berkshire Council has employed qualified dieticians to design menus for school meals and is now following this up by performing checks on the ingredients.

Scientists will be carrying out GM contamination testing and make sure that the amount of additivies in school meals are kept at a minimum.

A council spokeswoman said they will also be adding organic, additive-free foods to pupils‘ meals.

“West Berkshire is taking the issue of GM foods and additives extremely seriously and is doing everything to ensure that they are not used in school meals.”

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