Scope to cut Robigus seed rates

SEED RATES for some robust tillering wheat varieties could be cut with no negative impact on yield, CPB Twyford has advised.

Robigus is one variety that could benefit from lower rates, explained the firm’s agronomist, Simon Francis.

“Robigus tillers well and maintains tillers, even in stressful situations. It also has a small seed, so over-thick crops can sometimes be an issue if drilling by weight.”

In general Robigus should be sown based on Thousand Grain Weight at rates around 15% lower than Claire or Einstein, he said. “Growers will probably find the kg/ha seed rate is quite low by this method.”

While exact seed rates will vary, depending on seedbeds, soil type and pests, when drilling in mid-September you should aim for a rate that will give a spring plant population of 150-180 plants per square meter, he said.

Crops drilled in mid-October should aim for spring populations of 200-220 plants per square meter, Mr Francis noted.

“High plant numbers, with a large number of tillers, can lead to over thick and lush crops, increasing disease and lodging risks,” he warned.


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