Septoria Resistance demonstration 2004

A FEW T0 applications were made at the end of March while the T1 treatments were sprayed towards the end of April.

The Septoria tritici Resistance Management Strategy demonstration promises to throw up a number of interesting points for discussion, including:

• Can Bayer‘s Galmano Plus (fluquinconazole + prochloraz) seed treatment replace chlorothalonil at T0 for early Septoria management?
• As well as looking at the use of strobilurins used to support triazoles at T1 and T2, can a strob applied at T2 offer a green leaf area benefit?
• Displayed alongside Syngenta‘s preferred 1st wheat programme, is Bravo (chlorothalonil) needed at T1 and should you choose it over a strobilurin?
• Take-all response to a high-dose strob and its effectiveness in the absence of Bravo will also be examined.

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