Showers stop harvest near Tibthorpe

Harvest is going well at Lodge Farm, Tibthorpe, Yorkshire, although heavy showers last night mean Caley Sackur is unlikely to be combining for much of today (7 August).

“We’ve got the winter barley and oilseed rape cut, and have made a start in the wheat, which is seven to 10 days earlier than normal,” he said.

“But yields are a bit disappointing – the Venture winter barley averaged 7.4t/ha, as screenings were a bit of a problem. Only half will make the malting grade.”

Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter Wheat
  • Variety: Cordiale
  • Area: 40ha
  • Yield: 11t/ha

Mr Sackur attributed this to the wet May, and inability to use SDHI fungicides at T1 and T2 due to poor availability. “I don’t know, but it may have affected the quality of the grain.”

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Oilseed rape yields were more than 0.6t/ha below normal, at just under 3.7t/ha. “We grew Extrovert, and although it looked good in the field, with plenty of pods and canopy, the pods hadn’t filled well and the seeds were quite small.”

On the upside, wheat yields were looking far more promising, with the 40ha of Cordiale, grown as a second wheat, yielding 11t/ha.

“The bushel weight is 79kg/hl, so we’re very pleased, although we don’t know protein results yet,” said Mr Sackur.

With showers over the past few days, and a heavy one last night, Mr Sackur wasn’t sure if he’d be back on combining again today. “It’s going to take a while to dry – if we do get on it won’t be until this evening, that’s for sure.”


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