Shropshire yields down on last year

FW Barometer farmer Richard Solari said winter barley yields were 10% lower than last year at Heath House Farm, Shropshire. Sixty hectares of Carat yielded a low of 6.25t/ha to a high of 8.25t/ha, but he said quality was ok since it was to be eaten by pigs on his farm.

He expected to start Robigus winter wheat on 24 July, with the crop changing very quickly thanks to the recent dry weather. “It looked fantastic at the end of May, but now I’m worried it has gone off quicker than I thought.” Since the wheat was on lighter soil, he said it was hard to say how much the drought affected it.

Rainfall had been variable in Shropshire, said Mr Solari: “The storms have been very localised, but it still is not enough.”

  • Crop:  Winter barley
  • Variety: Carat
  • Area:  60ha (20ha remain)
  • Yield:  6.25 – 8.25t/ha

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