Single-bed improvements for potatoes

Cambs-based Standen-Pearson has announced the launch of a new range of two-row potato planters.

The range, dubbed “SP series”, is claimed to feature improved planting performance with gentler seed handling and simplified operation.

Using large upper rollers on the cup belt drive reduces the speed at which the cups change direction en-route to the openers, which is said to reduce the associated flicking action to give gentler chit handling.

The reverse side of the cups has a profile which centralises the seed placement and is claimed to result in less seed roll in the furrow.

The new cup belt assembly will be available as a retro fit to upgrade previous models.

The units will retain the moving hopper floor, which has been revised to feature sensor activated hydraulic motor drives for reduced maintenance and increased reliability.

Standen-Pearson says that the new planters are to be available in two-row, three-row and four-row models for the 2006 planting season.