Software solution to NVZ woes

A FLEXIBLE approach to ensuring correct fertiliser applications is the benefit of a new bolt-on part of Farmdata‘s Cropdata software.

The company has built fertiliser “bible” RB209 data into its crop management software, which will generate recommendations on a wide range of crops.

This will help ensure growers meet new Nitrate Vulnerable Zone regulations, according to Farmdata‘s George Milburn.

“We‘ve also made it possible for growers to edit the data – feedback from customers suggests they like to have the flexibility to adapt RB209 to their own conditions.”

The new fertiliser module was developed from scratch by Farmdata, using the base RB209 data.

Also launched at Cereals 2004 is PLANET, which does a similar job and is available free from DEFRA for manufacturers to incorporate into cropping software from autumn 2004.

The full Cropdata package costs £495, or £395 without the NVZ module, which can be bought on its own for £175.

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