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Soil health

Soil health has been declining in recent years, but agriculture can have an active role in reversing this trend with the help of scientific developments.

Learn how to take care of your soil with our dossier, from understanding and assessing your soil, to key tips and advice in avoiding soil compaction and precision farming techniques.



Video: How to sample your soil for analysis

10 eye-opening facts that show why soil is so important

How and why to measure soil health and vitality

7 ways growers can improve soil health

7 steps for livestock farmers to assess and manage soil

Analysis: Action needed to preserve the nation’s soils


Cover crops

6 things to consider before drilling your cover crop

Three-pronged plan to raise soil fertility in Northumberland

Soil health survey kick-starts cover crop trials



Organic matter

How to achieve the perfect soil composition

Strip-till innovation doubles soil organic matter

New research on how to make rapid gains in soil health




Causes of soil compaction and how to beat it with CTF

In-cab tyre inflation cuts costs and compaction

Tillage trial shows how to slash the cost of soil compaction



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