Solstice yield tops 10t/ha in Essex

Grain stores at Paul Buckenham’s Sellers Farm, Billericay, Essex are full, except for 30t of Solstice which was sold this morning. He received £162/t at 13.2% protein, a premium of about £25/t over feed.

He finished cutting his bumper Solstice crop at the end of last week.

The 96ha (240 acres) yielded 10.2t/ha (4.09 t/acre) overall, and up to 12.3 t/ha (4.9 t/acre) in some places.

Hagbergs topped 300, specific weight ranged from 79-82 kg/hl and screenings were about 2.5%.

The bulk came in between 11.9 -16.4% moisture, averaging around 14.5%. Protein content ranged from 13.6% to 12.14%.


He said crops planted on gravel suffered more from the April drought and were visibly shorter.


Mr Buckenham said yields were on a par with last year.


He added: “We hope to start ploughing again within the next few days.” He is going to grow Solstice again next year and plans to start drilling on 24 September.


  • Crop: Winter wheat
  • Variety: Solstice
  • Area cut: 96ha (240 acres)
  • Yield: 10.2t/ha (4.09 t/acre)
  • Hagberg: 300+
  • Specific weight: 79-82 kg/hl
  • Screenings: 2.5%
  • Moisture: 14.5%
  • Protein: 13.6%-12.14%

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