Some farmers dodge the wet weather to continue combining

A few dry windows of weather were allowing some farmers to get on combining, while others remained frustrated by rain.

Robert Law was cutting Gerald and Mascani winter oats in Hertfordshire and Nottinghamshire, which were yielding a pleasing 7-8t/ha (2.8-3.2t/acre).

And in Northumberland Carl Tuer was combining Pearl winter barley this morning (12 August) before being rained off. The 100ha (250 acres) cut so far had averaged about 8.2t/ha (3.3t/acre) – slightly above average and on the poorer fields.

But torrential rain meant Carl Driver was not on combining today near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. “We had 17mm in two hours,” he said.

However, he had started second wheat Xi19 over the weekend, and was pleased with a yield of 10.5t/ha (4.3t/acre) at between 17% and 24% moisture.

Flash oilseed rape performed very well for Colin Keevil in Wiltshire, yielding 5.2t/ha (2.1t/acre) at 13% moisture.

Mr Keevil hoped to start his Tipple spring barley this weekend (16 August) and the wheat was also nearly ready. “It’s all going to come at the same time.”

Spring barley harvest got underway on 3 August at Richard Bruckshaw’s farm near  Shrewsbury, Shrops, but has been rained off ever since.

The 6ha (15 acres) of Tipple cut so far looked good, leaving 34ha (85 acres) to get in before the wheat. “The wheat is only just fit but has been going black over the past couple of days,” he said.

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