South: Cold and wet weather halts progress

The continued cold conditions and rainfall at the end of February continue to frustrate farmers and agronomists alike. Soil temperatures are hovering around 5C and we really need 8-10C and obvious signs of growth before we start applying Atlantis or Pacifica to Wheat crops. T1 normally occurs around the third week in April and working back 4 weeks T0 sprays should be applied around the third week of March.

If blackgrass application dont get applied before T0 then we have major tank mix problems looming. Current advice is to apply Atlantis and Pacifica alone except for Biopower and certainly not with Bravo ( Chlorthalonil ). Lets all hope the weather improves otherwise it could get rather tricky towards the end of March!   

Where Populations of Blackgrass are high or plants are large we need to maximise the control levels achieved and in these situations it makes sense to use Pacifica rather than Atlantis because its higher active ingredient loading can provide higher levels of control.

In order to extract the last few percent control focus attentionon nozzle choice,height and dare i say forward speed!  Avoiding airinclusion nozzles and speeds above 12kph, keeping the boom height toaround 60cm above the crop and increasing water volumes to 150-200l/haall contribute to maximising the control levels achieved.

Rape crops have a purplish tinge to them and as soon as conditionsallow will need Nitrogen applying to get them moving. Outstanding Phomasprays have largely been applied and it will now be a case of checkingfor Cleavers, Mayweed and Sowthistles and earmarking Galera for problemfields, again this application will have to wait for warmer conditionsthough.

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