South: Wet weather brings spraying to a standstill

Winter Barley is well established now and looking well. Crops have had a pre-emergence spray and now need a Pyrethroid for BYDV control in a tank mix with a residual top up based on CTU ( depending on variety).

Wet weather diseases such as Rhyncosporium and net Blotch remain low but Mildew is rife on upper leaves and will need controlling with Torch Extra especially on lighter ground where rooting and drought tolerence can be adversely affected.

Wheat establishment has been fantastic and after a very dry beginning has now recovered very well. Blackgrass control as always has been a top priority, with no stale seedbed possible and very dry conditions for pre-emergent sprays, pressure was very high at crop emergence.

This has continued and at the beginning of November the worst fieldswere sprayed with Atlantis, Biopower and a residual herbicide.Conditions for this were ideal but now the weather is wet and windy andspraying is at a standstill, a dry frost free period will lead tofurther applications.

Rape crops look much better this season. Fine tilth and seedbednitrogen has lead to strong autumn growth. Cranesbill and charlock seemto be the biggest problem this season and need controlling wherecompeting with the crop.

Soil temperatures had remained too high and moisture levels too lowfor Kerb to be reliable, but this has now changed over the last 10 daysand applications will begin shortly.

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