Spring gets the blood pumping

Finally the frosts are over, it is starting to rain and the temperature is rising. The birds are singing and the plants are growing in the garden. Spring! My blood is surging through my body and we can start again, but not so fast. First things first.

Last week we drilled sugar beet (hopefully it will be as profitable as last year) and the brown onions. It is kind of weird in a way that the onions of last year are still in storage, waiting to be sold. The quality looks good, but you will never really know until you put them in the truck. The sugar beets are waiting for some rain, as are the brown onions. The weather forecast says it will start to rain later this week.

The market price of onions is rising here like a space rocket – 3ct/kg in one week. By our standards that’s crazy, but still less than a profitable price. The experts say that in an exceptionally fast-rising market, it can soon dive the other way. But hopefully the mood in the market will improve, because after last year we need a better price again.

There are so many scenarios as to what the market will do, so there are no sensible things to say about it. One week it is this, the next it is that. I think I will just sit back and see what happens.

For the new season, the spring is not late and not early. We call it normal. But also this normal spring has its influence on the present markets. Hopefully it will work out in a good way.


Sander Kok manages 100ha of arable land near Rutten, the Netherlands, along with his father and uncle. Seed potatoes is the main crop, together with brown onions, chicory, sugar beet and wheat

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