Spring sequence approval for cleaver spray

Cereal growers have greater flexibility for spring cleaver control after confirmation that Eagle (amidosulfuron) can now follow spring Atlantis (mesosulfuron-methyl + iodosulfuron-methyl) applications.

Previously Eagle was only approved in sequence with autumn Atlantis, according to manufacturer, Bayer CropScience.

“If autumn programmes have included a robust broad-spectrum residual herbicide, cleavers are often one of only a few weeds needing spring control,” said the firm’s Gordon Anderson-Taylor.

“However, the species’ propensity to compete strongly with the crop means well-timed and effective cleaver control is essential – only one or two cleavers per square metre can cause significant yield losses.”

Advice and information on cleavers from Dr Gordon Anderson-Taylor and Rothamsted’s John Cussans, is available in the cleavers podcast, which can be downloaded at www.bayercropscience.co.uk