Spud Special: Potato planting starts in areas

There is a degree of optimism around the potato area of Scotland. The ground drying and the sun shining on the backs of all potato men is certainly helping.


Sale prices that are currently being achieved are covered when you examine production costs. But the range of knowledge of actual costs of production among growers is variable.


Planning for this year’s crop is going full steam ahead. Fertiliser allocation is concentrating the mind, especially where the cost of any top-up is considerably different to that purchased already.

Seed that has been delivered on farm is generally looking very good quality and to date

few problems have been reported, although some frosting problems and low levels of rots have been observed.


Chitting is being carried out in several areas and hopefully the soil conditions will allow the full benefit of this to be achieved when it comes to planting. 


Planting has started in a few areas, but a fair percentage of this is going under fleece.

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