Steady down oilseed rape

USING A growth regulatory triazole on forward oilseed rape crops that need “steadying-up” this autumn will improve winter hardiness and strengthen roots, says Bayer CropScience‘s Tim Nicholson.

“In most situations use around 0.5l/ha of Folicur,” he advised. “In trials we‘ve seen the strongest yield response from Folicur, even where it hasn‘t been the strongest canker material.”

But where growers are worried about stem canker, apply a tank mixture with a stronger phoma material, such as flusilazole or difenoconazolem, he said.

“Further north growers may need to apply up to 0.75l/ha of Folicur to cover light leaf spot,” he added.

Good growing conditions in August and September have allowed many crops, particularly in the south-east and into Oxfordshire to get a fast start this autumn, he suggested.

“If rape gets too advanced, it can be liable to frost kill.”