Support for kid’s spud comp

A NEW competition that aims to educate children about the food they eat and encourage healthy eating has been backed by potato growers and suppliers, according to the British Potato Council (BPC).

The competition, called ‘Grow your own Potatoes‘ aims to educate primary school children about the benefits of potatoes and potato products, said BPC marketing manager Kathryn Race.

Competitors will be required to grow their own potato crop and the winner will be judged on the weight of their final crop.

Children will also be able to compare their plants with the BPC‘s Sutton Bridge experimental unit via a web cam.

“The competition is ideal for getting farming in the classroom and will feed children‘s curiosity about where their food comes from,” Mrs Race said.

A new area on the BPC‘s educational website has been developed to support the competition, and this is where schools should register to take part.

For further information e-mail, or telephone 01865 782260.

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