Tackling slugs near Scunthorpe

Andrew Jackson has had a reasonable harvest at Pink Pig Farm, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, and is now busy keeping slugs off the recently-emerged oilseed rape.

“We’ve been over with slug pellets three times so far, but it’s up and away and we’ve applied the post-emergence spray,” he said.

This year he grew Excalibur as well as trials of the semi-dwarf varieties PX109 and Troy.

“They averaged 3.91t/ha, which is alright, but I thought they were going to be better. I think it got too thick because there wasn’t much pigeon or slug damage last autumn.”

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The PX109 probably performed the best, but this autumn Mr Jackson had drilled Incentive and Charger instead.

Based on the combine scales, Dickens winter wheat averaged around 10t/ha across 43ha, with 36ha of Santiago not yielding quite so well, he added.

Glacier winter barley did very well, at 8.12t/ha. “I was happy with that, because there were some pretty poor sandy soils in the mix.”

Most farmers had finished harvest in the area, although there were still bits and pieces to clear up on larger units, said Mr Jackson.

“I was going to start drilling Revelation barley on Monday (15 September) but we can’t get any seed so will use Glacier instead.”

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