Textbook harvest near Fareham

Harvest is proving to be textbook affair at Dean Farm, Fareham, Hampshire, with Andy Hull simply delighted yields and progress.

“We harvested Sorrial – an early French milling wheat that we’re growing for seed – on 22 July,” he said “Grown as a second wheat it yielded 9.3t/ha.”

Sown on 1 October, the early ripening of the variety was a real bonus, he added. “We’ve been caught in the past, wanting to sow oilseed rape when there are still crops on the fields, so I’d definitely grow it commercially.”

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Mr Hull had also cut 14ha of Cordiale, which had also yielded 9.3t/ha, and was now halfway through the 35ha of Mascani winter oats. “They’re coming off at 11% moisture and are yielding 8.6t/ha,” he said.

Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter wheat
  • Variety: Sorrial
  • Area: 19ha
  • Yield: 9.3t/ha

“It’s been a phenomenal year – I don’t know how it’s happened but all the pre-emergence herbicides have worked, so everything is clean and tidy.

“It’s everything we’ve strived for for 35 years, so I’ll enjoy it while I can.”

The 11ha of Meridian winter barley, cut weeks ago, had yielded 7.4t/ha and had already been sold and loaded, said Mr Hull.

“And our Cubic oilseed rape did 3-3.5t/ha. We’re halfway through harvest already: It’s really been a textbook year.”