Too late for Telone?

MANY FIELDS in the West are now too wet for Telone (1,3-dicloropropene) to be effectively applied, according to Pat Haydock from Harper Adams University College.

As a rule of thumb if fields are suitable for cultivation then they are acceptable for Telone application as long as soil temperature is above 7°C.

Applications when soil moisture is above 40-60% of field capacity are risky and will result in lost efficacy, which is costly in terms of overall potato cyst nematode control, he explained.

Despite high rainfall in the east, light soils are still in the right condition for Telone, said independent specialist John Keer. Soil temperatures are unusually high at the moment and Telone is still being applied, he added.

Paul Savage of Dow, Telone maker agreed: “Application is very location dependent and the contractors will be the best judges on a site by site basis.

“If frosts begin to drag the temperature below 7C opportunities will be lost. If this is the case then there is still opportunity to apply Telone in the spring when soil temperatures rise.”