Trailed hopper boosts fertiliser spreader capacity

With the shortcomings of tired drainage systems brought sharply into focus over the past winter, it is little wonder that mole ploughs featured more prominently than usual at the Cereals Event.

The implements are used to enhance infiltration of water through clay soils by forming tubes that intercept permeable backfill material over a pipe drainage system. The work needs to be done when the soils are drying but pliable to form a stable tube that will not collapse when water enters.

No-plough drilling specialist Claydon has adopted a drainage contractor’s design for a mole plough to complement the narrow strip-till drills, straw rakes and new rollers it produces.

It features a tine in front of the moling leg to clear surface trash and cut an initial shallow slot to minimise surface heave. A hydraulic cylinder between the main frame and pivoting headstock guides the implement in and out of work.

A similar feature is available on the Maidwell Moler from Hankins Engineering. It has a screw-adjusting double ended leg, said to be unique, incorporating a shear bolt device as a safety release mechanism. Leg adjustment gives moling depths between 38cm and 76cm.

The MM Mole from Quivogne is a high-clearance design with two beams providing a stable base for accurate grading but a raised supporting beam for the moling leg to give plenty of clearance for crop residues and other surface trash.

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