Treatment cuts lodging risk

USING A key seed treatment could help cut the risk of lodging in wheat, according to latest ADAS research.

Trials last season found that treating crops with Jockey (fluquinconazole + prochloraz) reduced the sub-crown internode – which runs from the seed to the base of the crown, said ADAS’s Pete Berry.

“Jockey shortens it and brings the base of the crown deeper.” This could then lead to a stronger root system, which is anchored deeper and should be more resistant to lodging, claims BASF.

“If you drill at a range of depths below 30mm the crown will form at the same depth – around 30-40mm. It does that by growing the sub-crown internode,” added Dr Berry.

Crops drilled deeper than this will have greater potential for shortening from Jockey, he said.

ADAS will now carry out further research into the effect of other seed treatments and drilling depths on lodging resistance.


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