Trials highlight ergot control

TREATING CEREAL seed containing ergot with Kinto (triticonazole + prochloraz) can prevent ergot germination, according to latest NIAB (National Institute for Agricultural Botany) trials.

In the trials, ergots were extracted from contaminated seed, treated with Kinto, fludioxinil and carboxin + thiram and planted out in the field, explained NIAB’s Bruce Napier.

“In the Kinto treated plots no ergot germinated, whereas 12% and 14% germination occurred in the carboxin + thiram and fludioxinil treated plots respectively, with the untreated control also at 12% germination.”

But seed treatments cannot be relied on to control ergot completely and growers must also consider other sources of inoculum, he warned.

“If you’ve got ergot in the soil, have grassweed problems or have ergot coming in from the headland, then treating the seed will have little effect – it only ensures you’re killing what’s on the seed.”