Two spring barley varieties top HGCA yield table

Two malting spring barley varieties, Sanette and Irina, are the top yielders in HGCA trials in a season which has produced bumper barley crops.

Both varieties are provisonally approved for brewing and head the HGCA Recommended List trials this year giving a yield of 109% compared with chosen control varieties, while they both gave a five-year average yield of 107%.

It was a season of high spring barley yields with the average of the control varieties being 7.89t/ha, nearly three-quarters of a tonne above the five-year average of 7.16t/ha, the HGCA said in a statement.

The popular brewing variety Propino give a five-year average yield of 102%, while of the varieties which are fully approved for brewing and distilling, Odyssey also gave a yield of 102% and Concerto yielded 97%.

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The feed barley variety Shada achieved the best yield over the five years at 108%, while at the other end of the yields, Westminster, popular in the west due to its tall, stiff straw and good resistance to disease yielded 93%.

Candidate varieties for the next Recommended List also performed well. The potential brewing variety Planet yielded 109% in 2014 and also recorded a 109% five-year average.

The feed variety Dragoon yielded 109% in 2014 with a five-year average of 108%, while another feed candidate Scholar yielded 109% this year and 107% for the five-year average


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