Two-thirds of southern wheat cut

Don Bunting from Glencore said 60-70% of wheat has been cut in the south-east. The main milling wheats have been showing good yields, with high protein and high bushel weights. He said there were some “suspect” bushel weights due tot the drought in June.

He said 50% of feed wheat had been cut, which was all looking good. He was surprised the yields were slightly higher than expected. Most bushel weights were around 74 or 75kg/hl, which is good for feed wheat, he said.

Mr Bunting suggested Solstice had done particularly well this year and is a popular choice for next season. He was pleased second wheat Einstein did so well this year as it suffered last year in the wet weather. He noted Malacca and Robigus were doing well.

Oilseed rape was also good in the south-east, with low biomass varieties doing particularly well, he said. Yields were averaging 3.75t/ha.

He said harvest was stopped by rain last weekend (August 13/14), but expects many farmers to finish by the end of this week, providing weather stays dry.


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