Two week standstill for David

David Hinchliffe had not been on combining for a fortnight at Bank House Farm, Goole, Yorkshire, and it was raining again today (12 September).

“The ground is absolutely sodden – it is dire really. It was a harvest that was so full of promise, and it’s turned into a salvage operation.”

Mr Hinchliffe had 100ha (250 acres) of wheat to cut, and most of it was still standing, although some was now sprouting.

However, the Cordiale was all in and would mostly making milling quality, and the Humber seed was alright too, he said. Yields had been good at 10-12t/ha (4-4.9t/acre).

However, the Viscount seed was still in the field. “It’s debatable whether it will make seed grade now – it’s not looking good.”

Most people in the area had about a third of their wheat still to do, said Mr Hinchliffe. “Some of the big estates have still got 1000s of acres to cut.”

As well as finishing the wheat, he had 67ha (165 acres) of beans and 26ha (65 acres) of linseed to do. “We have got 10 days’ solid combining in front of us.”

Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Cordiale
Area: 134ha (330 acres)
Yield: 10-12t/ha (4-4.9t/acre)

Crop: Oilseed rape
Varieties: Castille and Astrid
Area: 60ha (148 acres)
Yield: 4t/ha (1.6t/acre)


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