UK bread shows its worth

 UK BREAD wheat proved popular amongst delegates at this year‘s International Bread Baking Workshop, according to the Home-Grown Cereals Authority.

It is hoped that raising the profile of UK varieties under the two new brands – ukp and uks – will create new marketing options, said the HGCA‘s cereal exports manager, Emma Jackson.

“Ukp bread wheat proved itself to be suited to most breads and uks soft wheat was very successful when used for low volume breads and for blending with stronger wheats,” she said.

Foreign buyers present at the event showed interest in UK varieties.

“It was really good to try UK wheats and see for ourselves how suitable they are for our bread. UK wheat can replace the wheat we usually use,” said Youssef Mostafa, from Egypt‘s state buying department.

Morocco‘s Mostafa Hamdi agreed. “I thought of UK wheat only as biscuit wheats. But having tried the ukp bread-making wheats, I now think that there is a good opportunity for these in Morocco.”

An online forum including comments and pictures from the workshop will be available at this week (w/e March 20).

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