Unsettled weather still goes on in Wiltshire

Roger Moore of Manor Farm, Wiltshire, was struggling to make any progress with the harvest, when FWi’s Harvest Highlights contacted him today. “We won’t do any today – we’ve had very heavy storms,” he said.

So far  22ha (55 acres) of Maris Otter had been combined, which had suffered from secondary tillers, but 60ha (150 acres) of oilseed rape including Castille and Lioness were yet to be touched, which he would begin when better weather arrived.
He also had 20ha (50 acres) of Aberstar and 32ha (80 acres) of Portrush ryegrass seed to harvest at Stapleford. He said lodging had been a problem here.

Mr Moore was encouraged by Solstice’s promotion to group 1 milling status, and expected his crop to reach 13-14% protein.

Peas were also being grown on the farm, but it would be two weeks before they would be ready top harvest, said Mr Moore. He said that they might suffer a little from downy mildew before harvest, but he expected yields to be adequate.

With a total of 1012ha (2500 acres) to harvest there was still clearly a lot left to do, but the question was how much the weather was going to permit. Mr Moore said “The forecast is dreadful really, we’ve just had to grab some where we can.”

*Harvest Highlights 2007 is sponsored by RAGT

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