Upbeat about GMs in the UK

THE PRESIDENT of US biotechnology giant Monsanto has told the BBC that GM crops could be grown in the UK within five to ten years.

In spite of the evidence from the GM national debate and several opinion polls revealing public resistance to GM crops and food, Mr Grant rejected the view that UK consumers are worried about the safety of GM products.

Mr Grant also said that his company‘s research suggests the majority of UK farmers want the chance to grow GM crops.

According to a company spokesman, the research referred to by Mr Grant was a telephone interview survey of farmers carried out by the company more than 12 months ago.

The spokesman said the survey revealed that 70% of farmers would either unconditionally try the technology or do so if there was a market for its products.

Mr Grant told the BBC that GM technology could be used in future to produce a range of crops with distinct health benefits.

However, a spokeswoman for Friends of the Earth said biotechnology firms have been promising such “super crops” for years and failing to deliver and that much more research is needed into the effects of GM food.

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