Variable outlook in Wiltshire

Roger Moore said the recent rainfall in Salisbury had helped his barley crops, although it did not arrive soon enough for some. Winter barley has suffered more than spring barley, he said, with some looking green in the tramlines.

“We have 1000ac (405ha) of seed production, we need to get it ripe.”

Mr Moore expects Maris Otter winter barley to be ready within a week, followed by new variety Blythe. “We had half an inch of rain on one site of Blythe and none on the other, so the crops are quite mixed.” By comparison, Trune spring barley “looks very well” and will be sent to Scotland once cut.

He was dessicating 40ha of Castille oilseed rape with Round-up and also grows Lioness for seed which did not need the pre-harvest treatment. He expects the oilseed rape to be ready within 10 days. “It will not be a bumper year but the oilseed rape looks ok in the area.”

Mr Moore also grows 200ha of Alchemy winter wheat, half grown for seed production, and 100ha of Solstice, also for seed production. “The wheats are looking ok at the moment.”

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