Variable yields in Lincs

Ben Atkinson is still combining wheat at Grange Farm, Rippingale, Lincolnshire, but expects to be finished on Thursday (1 September).

“Yields are quite variable, depending on soil type. The drought seems to have exaggerated any inherent problems in the fields, so good land has been better than expected and poor land is perhaps worse than expected.”

Wheat had yielded close to 10t/ha (4t/acre) on heavy Fen land, with thinner brash soils at 8.6t/ha (3.5t/acre).

“Oakley has done well again, against all the odds, as have Conqueror and Santiago, but it’s very difficult to pick between varieties this year – it’s definitely been more about soil type.”

After the wheat, Mr Atkinson had some Wizard beans to cut. “I’m not looking forward to them.

“They are very stunted, and all podded at the bottom of the plant. They will be very difficult to combine and I don’t think they’ll yield all that well.”

However, oilseed rape had performed particularly well, at almost 5t/ha (2t/acre). “It’s an amazing crop, the way it compensates for bad weather.

“The ones that really shone were Cabernet and Expower.”

Crop: Winter wheat
Varieties: Oakley, Conqueror and Santiago
Yield: 8.6-10t/ha (3.5-4t/acre)

Crop: Oilseed rape
Varieties: Cabernet and Expower
Yield: 5t/ha (2t/acre)

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