Varieties aplenty in HGCA Recommended Lists for 2007/08

Six new winter barleys, five winter wheats, a trio of winter oilseed rapes, and a pair of winter oats varieties have joined the HGCA Recommended Lists for 2007/08.

There are also two new spring barleys, a couple of spring oats and a novel spring wheat.

Only 12 varieties have been dropped.

The newcomers are:

Winter barley
Cassata Potential brewing variety
Accrue Two-row feed
Retriever Two-row feed
Susuka Two-row feed
Bronx Hybrid six-row feed
Pelican Six-row feed

Winter wheat
Battalion nabim Group 2
Zebedee (East & West) nabim Group 3
Humber nabim Group 4
Oakley nabim Group 4
Timber (Specific) nabim Group 4

Winter oilseed rape (all restored hybrids)
Excel (South)
Hornet (North)
Tuscan (North)

Winter oats (both husked)

Spring oats (all husked)

Spring barley
Potential brewing and distilling variety
Quench Potential brewing variety

Spring wheat
Zircon (Specific) White-grained

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